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The Curly Scientist was born out of necessity. I heard the issues that my peers faced while pursuing their degrees in STEM and lent a helping hand. Choosing the right STEM program, securing employment, and everything in-between may be new to you. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

My goal is for everyone to reimagine what STEM looks like: the hue is changing everyday!



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Currently, I’m an Industrial & Systems Engineering PhD Candidate whose research involves human movement and performance with the aim of improving rehabilitation, human-machine interaction, and security. My Master’s Degree is in Bioengineering and my undergraduate degree is in Biological Sciences.

My degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) did not come easy. Before entering a Master’s degree program, I took 5 years working in the medical field where I discovered my love for engineering. I realized I would be fascinated by the instruments and technology rather than diagnosing patients. During this time, I also realized many minority students are unaware of how to navigate undergrad, graduate school, and entering a career.

Once I started posting more about my graduate school journey on Instagram, the messages began pouring in. Students needed help with choosing a research topic, finding funding, job/internship hunting, deciding on a Master’s or PhD, and the list goes on! Many encountered similar situations I was in during each turn of my STEM journey. The Curly Scientist is a platform where students on all levels can find a multitude of resources to help them along their STEM journey!

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