Hey, I’m Katelyn!

Founder & CEO of The Curly Scientist

Take it from someone who has been through the trenches of STEM. Anything that could have gone wrong during my degree programs did. I am a first-gen STEM student, the first engineer, and now the first doctoral candidate in my family.

I’m someone who...

» struggled with bad advising. During the last semester of my senior year, I was told I was not graduating.

» was overlooked for advancement opportunities in the workplace

» had to fight to maintain ownership of experiments

Know that you are not alone. I’m here to guide you through your education and into a career unscathed and more confident than ever before!

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These courses were designed with you in mind! Ranging from varying topics, you will be prepared in your education and your future career.



I offer a variety of services including interviews, the application process, to custom workshops for your group or organization.



Workbooks are a great tool for any STEM student. You’ll develop confidence and reduce your stress while applying for jobs and STEM programs.


Grab The Job Hunt Workbook!

Perfect for anyone on the hunt for a new position or looking to switch careers!

Have You Ever...

  • Lost recruiter contact info?
  • Been overwhelmed with the application process?
  • Forgotten how many and which positions you’ve applied to?
  • Not know what to ask at the end of an interview?
  • Forgot to ask questions in an interview?

The Job Hunt Workbook will keep you on your game from application to interview!




"The application tracker helps you keep your application materials and progress organized. It even provides guidance for comparing your target programs and schools to help you find the right fit!"


Diana R.


"After using the Job Hunt Workbook and Tracker, I felt more confident about starting the job hunt process on my own. The resources and tools inside are unmatched and helped me prepare for each interview. I have 2 internship offers at 2 companies! Thank you Katelyn!"


Kirsten T.